A Tribute to Matilda Juno Catori- Your beautiful spirit will always be with me.


I got her when she was just eight weeks old,

She was so tiny, and I loved to hold,

This precious little Boxer, you see,

I knew she was perfect, just for me.

I picked her out ‘cause her face was all black,

With a permanent pout on her lower lip, looking like a sad sack,

Her deep brown eyes just watching me,

Saying please take me on a little trip so I can play free.

During this time, my marriage was fading fast,

I knew, somehow, it would not last,

Soon I knew I would have to go,

And begin a new adventure, but where it leads, I do not know.

She stayed with me when I left my life,

Watching and protecting me, it’s hard to describe,

She made me laugh, she made me cry,

And healed my tummy when I had pain inside.

I loved having her, she was all mine,

Trying to keep up with her crazy behind,

When she saw someone new, her backside would wiggle,

Since her tail was dock, it would always make me giggle.

The time had come to let her go,

Things were happening in my life, and I did not know,

I could no longer keep her with me,

I was so sad, crying tears and couldn’t see.

Me without that loving pup,

I had to let go, to find her another home,

As I always remember the unconditional love she had shown,

Me when I was falling apart, and that love went deeply into my heart.

The day had come, and she left my side,

Another loss and boy I cried,

I was grateful to have her for all that time,

And in my heart, she will always be mine.