There was a time when all I could see,

Was the bad little girl inside of me,

I thought she was good because she tried so hard,

When she tried to connect, they would discard.

I have found that with her personality,

She was as powerful as can be,

But not many in her past appreciated that,

About her and like her second-grade teacher, called her a brat.

She never fit in, she didn’t know how,

So, as she grew, she would disavow,

Herself to others, because of what they said about her,

“You’re a pain in the ass,” hearing that, really hurt.

They had been saying it for many years,

And she took it in and felt the tears,

Welling up inside and coming out,

All she wanted to do was scream and shout.

“Look at me! There is nothing wrong!”

“All I have ever wanted was to belong!”

“And fit in with everyone else.”

“But all of you ever did was put me on a shelf.”

They never wanted to recognize her,

And let her know about her power,

Because that power scared them so,

And they really had no idea and did not know.

She was different and more than they could handle,

And made her feel she was insubstantial,

They pushed her away and she felt alone,

But that did not stop her from looking for her home.

That place that is deep inside,

Who she really is, and she gets to decide,

How she wants to be treated, live her life now that she’s grown,

She is finding the power that was hardly known.

Yet here it is as she connects with me,

Finding out who she really be,

That powerful girl and the wild woman,

Watch me stand up and give reassurance.

To the world as she’s in it, for really the first time,

She stands on her own two feet, the mountain is climbed,

She is coming home to the pinnacle and there she stands,

Raising up her arms, her life she commands.