In my aloneness, I’m finding me,

The me that was always supposed to be,

The one who is brave, powerful and creates,

A life for herself, as she was meant to conflate.

This beautiful life, the way it was meant to happen,

Living it out as though no trauma, but passion,

Doing the things I love to do,

Like travel and connect and bring peace to others, too.

I see myself now in that space,

And I wanted to share because now I can embrace,

This is the truth of who we are for sure,

It’s all about love, moving toward enlightment, so pure.

We are all Spirit having a human experience,

Whether we know it or not, we are here to discover the mysterious,

There is always more to learn, reaching to the stars,

Connecting with Christ Consciousness, makes us who we are.

Not many know, yet that’s who we be,

We are ready at this time in the world to set ourselves free,

Being alone is a false representation,

Of the being I am as I learn my association.

We are all one, we are connected together,

By the Earth, our blood, our hearts, forever,

We can fight it with our beliefs,

That separate us from knowing the peace.

Let me tell, after years of pain,

Of feeling abandoned, full of guilt and shame,

This is not the way it is supposed to occur,

We got it all mixed up when we were told to concur.

No more of that, I am finding my truth,

And now it is time to execute,

What I have learned and share with the all,

So that life can carry on for future generations to be called;

Into the healing of humans and Earth,

We get to change things, we get to give birth,

To a new way of living and loving as one,

Welcome to this new world, shining bright as the sun.