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The Ride of My Life Blog/Podcast – Episode 2 – 11/18/2021

Well, I can’t even begin to tell you the shifts I am feeling and experiencing. Starting this new healing process has really opened up some things for me. I’m feeling more grounded and less fearful than I ever have in my life. Learning about this Retained Primitive Reflex that is related to the Stress Response

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Day 223 – 11-17-2021 -The Ride of My Life Blog

Continuing with some very profound things happening. I am learning so much about myself and what I am capable of. Coming from a space of complete fear, isolation, trauma… with everything I experienced, I find this is opening a whole new world for me. Hear me… this is so doable AND it takes a decision

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Day 222 – 11-16-2021 – The Ride of My Life Blog

Well, the awarenesses that are coming up for me going through this process are very profound. It is not of life as I learned it or as I have known it. It is not about the beliefs and habits I have acquired over the years. This is fully about becoming whole. Whole-istic work is what

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Day 221 – 11-15-2021 – The Ride of My Life – Day 14

Today’s the day where I begin my Vidoe/Audio Episodes! I had to take a step back from doing them every single day. It got to be way too much; can you imagine? I had such an incredible weekend. Of course, it was challenging at times, because there were things I was walking through and sitting

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Day 220 – 11-14-2021 – The Ride of My Life – Day 13

Today is a very good day. Things are absolutely opening up for me in some incredible ways. From all of the work I have done throughout my life and the things that I was taught by people wiser than myself; I have come to a place now where I can see what I couldn’t see

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Day 219 – 11-13-2021 – The Ride of My Life – Day 12

Yesterday, I decided to do episodes on my video and audio podcasts more intermittently instead of every day. It got to be too much, as I do all the work myself to edit, post and share on social media. I am my own jack-of-all-trades and it got me into realizing I needed to slow down

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Day 218 – 11-12-2021 – The Ride of My Life – Day 11

Yesterday was a very eye-opening day for me and I recognized myself for the first time in years. What I know about myself is that I push myself to completion, which is not necessarily a good thing because this will cause burnout. When I saw this, I realized that it fit right in with my

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Day 217 – 11-11-2021 – The Ride of My Life – Day 10

I’m sure some of you have been reading, listening or watching what I have been posting for a while now. Today is an interesting day and I’m going to share a part of myself that I don’t normally talk about, let alone put it out there. I feel it is a good day to be

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Day 216 – 11-10-2021 – The Ride of My Life – Day 9

Big things are happening. I was very close to being at the end of my lease and things were getting too close for comfort for a bit. I am finding that when that happens, it gives me the chance to really just be ok with whatever is going on and not freak out like I

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Day 215 – 11-9-2021 – The Ride of My Life – Day 8

Yesterday, after I wrote my blog, the day really led me into some really powerful and positive shifts. That is the way it usually happens. I generally talk about what is going on in the moment, so I can track my progress. I had to go out of town to take care of some things,

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