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Day 211 – 11-5-2021 – The Ride of My Life – Day 4

Perfect timing… I had mentioned that not only is this chronicling the logistics of what is going on with purchasing the van, it is also about where my emotions are going too. I just watched, actually not finished watching, a movie called Nomadland. It’s very interesting and it chronicles a woman who ended up in

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Day 210 – 11-4-2021 – The Ride of My Life – Day 3

I’m on a roll. Here I am already on Day 3 and so much is happening. I mentioned a while ago that people and situations start to be removed from our lives when we are ready to move forward. This is not easy for someone like me who has had attachment and abandonment issues throughout

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Day 209 – 11-3-2021 – The Ride of My Life – Day 2

Well, I’m finding that as I am learning this new thing of living in a van, the basics of getting ready are already challenging me. Learning curves have always caused anxiety, but for something this is big? Well, you can imagine. So, keeping my mind as “off of it” as possible, I am also continuing

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Day 208 – 11-2-2021 – The Ride of My Life – Day 1

I continue to walk through my projects and things that are preparing me for my next chapter in my life. To make it real, rather than just moving around in my head, I have decided to let you all know what I am working on. This, in itself, has been a challenge for me through

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Day 207 – 11-1-2021 – A Good Day

Here I am seven months later from when I started this chapter of my journey, on the brink of something big. I can feel it. I’m still finding that the people and situations in my life are being pulled from me that weren’t meant to be there. They were absolutely wonderful opportunities to heal for

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Day 205 – 10-30-2021 It’s Worth the Bliss

I don’t think I have anything left, On my mind, you see, surely you jest, Thoughts are the culprit to making us sick, In the mind and body, this is no longer my schtick. The mind is not meant to run my life, What we were taught causes so much strife, Thoughts turn life into

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Day 204 – 10-29-2021 – Patience and Trust…

This is a big hairy, scary deal because they are both things that can be tricky to achieve, especially for someone who was traumatized throughout life. I learned a long time ago that my growth comes from my wounds and the thing that I am most afraid of doing or being is actually a gift

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Day 203 – 10-28-2021 – Lesson: Standing on My Own Two Feet Into Something Divine

Today is the day where I get to tap into my own power and do what I need to do to fully incorporate what it means to “stand on my own two feet.” Somewhere along the line in my life, I totally lost that ability. I was someone who could take care of myself until

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Day 202 – 10-27-2021 – Worry… A Wasted Emotion

I learned about this a long time ago, but really didn’t understand it fully until the last few days. I have talked about trauma causing hyper-vigilance and the whole waiting for the other shoe to drop and I figured I would go ahead and add this whole worry thing to this list. Worry, it seems,

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