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Connection. Love. Support. Change.

Mission: Healing work using courses, workshops and Native American style talking/healing circles through which unconditional love and support are promoted. Guiding families and children in moving forward past the pain, anger and other trapped feelings of being victimized to a more healed and powerful space where they are no longer victims, rather a powerful voice and change agent for the systems that promote Hostile Divorce, Parental Alienation and Attachment Trauma.

Education and Awareness for those in the throes of what is happening to them who don’t yet have a word for what it is and for the general public about what is really going on so we can gain more people to help make the changes we want to see happen.

I believe in fighting for healing and change not fighting against the problem. When we fight against something through competition, fear, hate and anger, it does nothing but pit people against each other which backfires and isn’t permanent. By fighting for something, we become a positive influence and can use our anger to propel us to changing our society and world, so we can heal our planet through unconditional love and peace.

Rebuild your life after a breakup or divorce. Learn how to let go of guilt, rejection, blame and other emotions that may be keeping you stuck. You will also learn the skills to improve all of your personal and business relationships! And… if you have children, it will give you strategies for a healthier, less traumatic process for you and them.

A monthly group for Recovery, Healing and Growth from Divorce/Parental Alienation/Attachment Trauma for women. Coming together to learn from one another, to share the wisdom of their personal journeys, and to create a safe emotional, sacred space for deeper self-exploration.  A space where we can build a community of unconditional love and support, celebrate who we are, find our voice, and rise above the gender stereotypes we learned as children. A space where we can find ourselves and connect to our spirits and begin to live the full and powerful lives we were meant to live.

A safe space for Noncustodial Mothers, Fathers and Erased Family Members of Hostile Divorce, Parental Alienation and Attachment Trauma. My situation has gone on 19 years. I have a relationship with my son now. I am still working to establish one with my daughter. My mission: Reuniting families and children back together who have gone through PA/Attachment Trauma.